Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow pets?  May I bring my dog(s)?  What about service animals?
Because we have working dogs and many fiber animals on the festival grounds, we have a strict NO PETS policy! Service dogs are permitted.

Is the festival wheelchair accessible?  Motorized wheelchair?  Walker?
The Festival is held in a large grassy field, which is mowed about a week before the event.  So, while the ground is not paved or level, if the weather stays dry, it should be quite firm.  The entire site isn’t accessible, but it’s still a lovely setting.  And if someone can walk short distances, we have a cart to drive folks from parking to the Midway.  Ask when you come in the gate about the accessible parking area and the cart.  However, safety first!

Also, we’ve got some places to sit and rest.  In the Demonstrations tent, there are plenty of chairs and if you bring a project, feel free to sit and knit/crochet (or whatever) with us for a while.  There are also straw bales for seating in the animal exhibits tent.  If you are coming for the sheep dog trials, we recommend bringing folding chairs.

Do you have an ATM, do vendors accept credit cards?
Since we’re out in a big field with no electricity, there is no ATM.  Most vendors will take credit cards.  Most are able to get a cellphone signal to process immediately, and some process them later.  You will need cash for food vendors and for admission at the gate.  We are now taking credit cards for T-shirt and souvenir sales.

Is a food vendor list available?
“One of our party is ____ and knowing what food choices are available will help them determine if they need to pack their own lunch.”
We are frequently updating our list of food vendors on the website and Facebook with a brief description of each vendor’s offerings.

May we bring our own chairs, food, wine?
“I have been in the past and I recall folks have brought lawn chairs and picnic lunches (including wine) Is this practice still acceptable?   I was looking forward to ‘setting up’ closer to the dog trials this year and really enjoying their performances.”
Yes, Do feel free to bring chairs and picnic lunches!  We’ve got some great food vendors this year too.  As for the wine, be mindful of open container laws.

Can you tell me what, if any, bathroom facilities you have available?
All bathroom facilities will be porta-potties, though we will have several of the larger “accessible” units on site.

For more information or to ask any other questions, please email [email protected]!