Animal Exhibits

shallow focus photography of brown llama

Come meet a beautiful menagerie of Sheep, Goats, Llamas, Alpacas, and Rabbits!

We are proud to showcase a wide selection of fiber animals from local farms. Our wonderful farmers will provide some educational materials either as a handout or poster, with information about their breed, farm, and care of their herd. Someone should also be available to answer questions about the breeds displayed during the festival. Farmers can display their business cards, farm information, and samples of fiber for giveaway! They may also choose to sell animals and fiber from their space.

For more information about the animal exhibits or to exhibit your fiber animals, please email [email protected].

Check back for information on the 2022 animal exhibits!

sheep on pasture in countryside in winter

Sheep Breeds

In 2021, our sheep exhibits included the following wool sheep breeds, showcased by the talented breeder listed.

Leister Longwool lambsAnne Vonnegut
Clun Forest SheepTimberwood Farm
Scottish Blackface SheepBraeburn Farm
Teeswater SheepDelly’s Delights Farm
Romney SheepLove Ewe Farm
Icelandic SheepMagi’s Wool Farm
Rambouillet SheepMangham Wool & Mohair Farm
Hog Island SheepRon Seagrave & Angie Sokolowski
Shetland SheepDragon Hill Shetlands

Goat Breeds

In 2021, our goat exhibits included the following breeds, showcased by the talented breeder listed.

Colored Angora GoatsKid Hollow Farm
Angora GoatsMangham Wool & Mohair Farm
Cashmere GoatsSpring Gate Farm
Nigerian Dwarf GoatsDragon Hill Shetlands

Rabbit Breeds

In past years, rabbit exhibits have included the following breeds:

  • English Angora
  • Satin Angora